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KRSCMS Management Journal

‘KRSCMS Management Journal’ISSN: 2230-8067' is published triannually by KCT’s, Sapkal Knowledge Hub, K. R. Sapkal College of Management Studies, Anjaneri, Nashik and Emperial Publication, Mumbai. This journal is addressed to Management practitioner, researcher, academicians and students. ‘KRSCMS Management Journal’ aims to cover wide topics of interests, concepts and ideas of the Management discipline as well as engages with interdisciplinary, research based information and analysis on the topics that can be bestowed on enrichment of managerial insights on critical issues and be a value addition to the current body of knowledge.

The mission of’ KRSCMS Management Journal’ is to present concepts, ideas and research based work in a way that can be easily assimilated by its diverse audience base. For this ‘KRSCMS Management Journal’ follows a meticulous review process wherein manuscripts which are based on dedicated work, whose findings are backed by evidences or justified by theory and are written well, are accepted. Further manuscripts that contribute to the current literature and practices are given priority for inclusion.

KRSCMS Journal of Management – E-Journal, with e-ISSN: 2455-9350 by NISCARE, DOI by Crossref, indexing in i-Scholar, J-Gate, and other product of Informatics (IPL) and indexed in Google Scholar. This provides opportunity of online presence to the research articles and increases probability of citation, h-index and impact factor.

Indexing of KRSCMS journal of Management in UGC Listed Management Journals is in process

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